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"Tipped Minimum Wage" Nonsense Continues

February 16, 2015 03:57
by John E. Thompson
Tipped-worker employers should immediately respond to the misleading "tipped minimum wage" PR campaign.

Legislation | Minimum Wage | Tips And Tip Credit

Judge Vacates Parts of USDOL Home-Care Regulation

January 16, 2015 04:27
by Kevin Troutman  & Ted Boehm
A District of Columbia federal judge has scuttled key aspects of the U.S. Labor Department's revised rule that was designed to extend the FLSA's minimum-wage and overtime requirements to many previously-exempt home care workers starting January 1, 2015.

Exemptions And Exceptions | Final Regulations | Litigation

Court Vacates Imminent Bar To Third-Party Employer's Claiming Companionship/Live-In Domestic Exemptions

December 23, 2014 04:54
by Ted Boehm
A federal district judge has held that the U.S. Labor Department exceeded its authority by attempting to preclude third-party employers from invoking the FLSA's Section 13(a)(15) "companionship" exemption and its Section 13(b)(21) overtime exemption for "live-in domestics".

Exemptions And Exceptions | Final Regulations

FLSA Insurance-Adjuster Overtime Exception Buried In Appropriations Bill

December 18, 2014 06:24
by John E. Thompson
The recently-enacted U.S. Department of Labor appropriations provision directs that the FLSA "shall be applied as if" there is an overtime exclusion for certain workers employed to adjust or evaluate claims resulting from or relating to a major disaster.

Exemptions And Exceptions | Overtime Compensation

Interim "Contractor Minimum Wage" Acquisition Rules To Be Released (Updated 12 18 14)

December 14, 2014 07:11
by John E. Thompson
The Department of Defense, the General Services Administration, and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration will soon publish interim Federal Acquisition Regulation amendments designed to implement President Obama's directive to raise the minimum-wage rate for workers on federal contracts.

Government Contracts | Minimum Wage | Proposed Regulations

Pre-Departure Security Screening Not FLSA Worktime

December 9, 2014 08:33
by John E. Thompson
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that the time non-exempt employees spent in connection with an end-of-workday security screening before leaving the premises did not count as FLSA worktime.

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